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Saliva study

A saliva study is a new service being offered by House of Dental in Hove. A small sample of your saliva can reveal a lot about your dental health and help identify issues before they become too serious.

Saliva performs a very useful job in your mouth, helping to protect your teeth by neutralising acids and helping clear food and bacteria from your mouth. It also contains a lot of information that can help us make different diagnoses.


Oral health tool

A saliva test is non-invasive but it can be very useful. Your sample can reveal a lot about your dental genetics. We can test to see if you have oral Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a very common virus, that in a worse case scenario can lead to cause cancer. Discovering it early allows it to be treated more effectively.

Your sample can also identify the presence of various bacteria. It is an excellent diagnostic tool that few dentists are offering. We are proud to be at the forefront in providing this service that enhances our reputation as a caring and forward-thinking dental practice.

It is a simple procedure that can reveal a lot of very useful information.

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“They made the experience pain and stress free, so definitely worth it. I was delighted with the result which looks so natural and clean. Jose is also very skilled and almost meditative when he speaks so overall my trips to Brunswick Court Dental so far have been positive and very effective! I really recommend this dental practice and will be going back soon for more dental work.”

— Alex & Karla, Google Review

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