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Dental hygiene Hove

As soon as we are old enough to understand, we are told that brushing our teeth twice is a day is a must. Add in daily flossing and tongue scraping, plus avoiding sugary or acidic foods and you will have a good dental hygiene regime.


Your health

Our qualified, friendly and knowledgable hygienist, Eamon, is here to help put you in control of your dental health. We know not everyone enjoys visiting the hygienist but an experience at House of Dental in Hove is different. We take the time to put you at ease and have the latest technology available to optimise your comfort and make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Your smile

We’ll work with you to make sure you have a healthy smile so you look and feel fabulous. Eamon and the team are on-hand to give you the right information to ensure that your lifestyle is as kind to your teeth as possible. From correct brushing techniques to foods to avoid, we’re here to support your journey to excellent oral health.

Your appointment

It all begins with an appointment. Simply contact our reception team and book your visit to our hygienist. If you’re a nervous patient, please let our team know. Our fantastic and gentle hygienist, Eamon, will put you at ease and do everything possible to help you fall in love with visiting us here for your dental hygiene in Hove.

“What an amazing experience. I had a hygienist session today with Eamon. Really thorough and painless and full of great practical info about how to look after myself better.”

— Google Review


A regular visit to see our friendly hygienist Eamon will also be beneficial in helping remove tartar, stains and plaque build-up. This is especially important if you have dental implants or at risk of periodontal disease. He can also spot any early symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay. We will work with you to devise a bespoke hygiene plan, which could include recommending a particular type of toothbrush or offering advice on the best way to use it. We can also discuss your diet as different foods can have a detrimental effect on our teeth and gums.

At House of Dental in Hove, we will work with you using the latest technology and preventative dentistry to support your oral hygiene. If you suffer from diabetes, take regular medication, are a smoker or have other medical conditions, it is especially important to make frequent visits to your hygienist.

We will monitor and reassess that guidance at regular intervals. We are aware that due to the pressures of a busy lifestyle it is not always possible to follow dental advice to the letter and we will offer ongoing support and assistance. Together, we will do our best for your teeth and gums and make sure you leave with that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling.


What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps us absorb calcium and it’s essential for protecting the enamel on your teeth. Once eroded, enamel can not be regenerated so ensuring your toothpaste contains fluoride will help to keep your enamel stronger and last longer.

What should my oral hygiene routine include?

Brushing your teeth twice daily and covering every surface of each tooth as hidden bacteria can become plaque.

Interdental cleaning (floss/brushes) between every tooth is important to dislodge any trapped food.

Booking regular appointments to see our hygienist for a deep, professional clean at least once or twice a year.

What are the benefits of regular teeth screening?

As part of your experience at House of Dental, we will regularly x-ray your teeth to ensure we can accurately assess the mouth from all angles and use tools to detect any areas of decay, providing you with prevention programs tailored to your needs.

What is AIRFLOW® and how does it work?

AIRFLOW® is a very effective way of cleaning your teeth and those hard-to-reach places. You will experience a high-pressured blast of water, air and bicarbonate (usually lemon flavour) at the surfaces of your teeth. Leaving you with a sparkling smile.

What are the benefits of AIRFLOW®?

The treatment will polish the surfaces of your teeth, removing plaque build-up. The tool can also reach up to 5mm into periodontal pockets for more efficient cleaning. It’s also much quicker at removing staining and plaque. If you have sensitive teeth, this treatment can reduce sensitivity as well as fill any exposed dentine tubules and help re-mineralize teeth.

Questions? Get in touch.