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At House of Dental in Hove, we aim to restore, repair, rejuvenate and regenerate dental tissues through the dental therapies we provide. You may be recommended for this treatment if your implantologist or dentist has identified that the bone supporting your teeth has been destroyed due to gum disease.

Regenerative procedures

Gum disease results in the loss of bone around your teeth. Using the latest technology, and specialised surgical techniques, we can regrow your bone. When you visit us, we will fully assess your teeth and surrounding bone to see if this is a possibility for you. The procedures at House of Dental in Hove can reverse some of the damage by regenerating lost bone and tissue.

Bone augmentation

One of the most well-known dental regenerative therapies, bone grafting is a procedure that will supplement your jaw to avoid tooth loosening or loss.

Guided bone regeneration

This will work to help strengthen bone below your gum line and involves a thin membrane over the bone to augment it. It encourages natural bone growth.

Growth factors

We may use this to support the healing process following periodontal surgery. It works to accelerate the healing of your soft tissue, bone and gums.

Guided soft tissue regeneration

This technique may be suggested to you if we feel you need osseous regeneration prior to soft tissue migration into the area of concern. This prevents the migration of the soft tissue element into the defect.

Sinus lift

This is a surgical procedure that you may require prior to having implants in the upper jaw. It involves placing a bone graft between the upper jaw and membrane of the sinuses.

Block grafting

This is typically used for long-term denture users, or those who may have suffered from tooth loss over a long period of time. The jawbone quality will benefit from a block bone graft.



Is this suitable for me?

Re-growing bone is a very delicate procedure, and therefore we will want to make a full assessment of bone damage before making recommendations.

We will fully assess your risk factors and the bone around your teeth to inform you about the anticipated results.

How long does a typical procedure take?

Depending on the damage, a typical procedure would see you sitting comfortably in a House of Dental dental chair for approximately one-two hours.

Will I need regeneration before my dental implants are fitted?

The majority of dental implant treatments do not require bone augmentation.

Do you use 3D planning?

Do you use 3D planning?

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