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At House of Dental, in Hove, we are happy to be able to offer our patients AIRFLOW® treatment that uses the power of air to clean and polish your teeth.


How AIRFLOW® works

Using a concentrated mix of sodium bicarbonate, air, and a gentle jet stream of water, AIRFLOW® gently – and painlessly – removes surface stains from your teeth. These can be caused by smoking or what you eat and drink. You will be able to feel the difference straightaway.

The treatment will also remove plaque, which – if not treated – can lead to gum disease.

AIRFLOW® can get to all areas of your mouth, even the difficult to reach ones. It is more effective and more comfortable than traditional scale and polish treatments and you will leave House of Dental with your mouth feeling cleaner and fresher than ever before.

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“Eamon soon put my fears at ease, was super understanding and very quickly made me feel comfortable. Together we have formulated a plan to get my teeth and gum health the best it’s been in years, and very much looking forward to a better relationship with my dentist going forward. Thank you Eamon and team at Brunswick Court. Highly recommend :)”

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Are the results immediate?

Yes, following your AIRFLOW® treatment you will see the results immediately.

Could AIRFLOW® damage my teeth?

There is no risk of damaging your teeth.

How long does the treatment take?

A typical appointment will last 30 minutes.

How often can you have AIRFLOW®?

We recommend visiting for your AIRFLOW® treatment once every six months. However, this can be increased to four or six times depending on the overall condition of your mouth.

Is this an effective treatment for smokers?

AIRFLOW® is very effective against nicotine staining and can work up to three times faster than traditional polishing systems.

Is AIRFLOW® painful?

AIRFLOW® stain removal does not require anaesthetic or any other type of pain management, even in nervous patients.

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