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Bone Regeneration


House of Dental are one of the first clinics in the UK to use a true bone regeneration product called Smartbone. Our team are highly trained in custom bone grafts that ensure you have the best possible fit when needed while maintaining a truly biological regeneration.

Thanks to the high performances, the high workability, the resistance and the shape retention of SmartBone®, House of Dental along with Swiss company IBI-SA, can produce custom-made bone grafts for YOUR specific reconstructive surgery, uniquely shaped just for YOU!


What is Smartbone®?

Smartbone® is a composite biomaterial, made of a bovine derived mineral matrix, reinforced with biopolymers and collagen fragments. As native bone grows, it will generally replace the graft material completely, resulting in a fully integrated region of new bone.

This is achieved by osteoconduction (guiding the reparative growth of the natural bone) and osteoinduction (encouraging undifferentiated cells to become active osteoblasts). Only few bone grafts ensure a complete remodelling, Smartbone® is among those, together with autografts (bone graft material harvested from the patient own body).

Smartbone® means that your dentist will not use your own healthy bone during the surgery that causes an unnecessary secondary surgery site. Smartbone® will start remodelling immediately and eventually will disappear leaving nothing but your own healthy bone.

House of dental can provide customised Smartbone based on each patients individual anatomy. Perfection every time.

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What are the causes of bone loss?

To ensure the long-term stability of your teeth or dental implant, sufficient bone is required and plays an important role also for ensuring the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and gums.

Bone loss may occur from trauma or inflammation of the gum and bone due to:

Bacteria found in dental plaque, that if not removed, causes inflammation. This can damage your gums and also the bone surrounding your teeth (periodontitis).

After tooth extraction over time, the height and thickness of the bone decreases due to the natural process and lack of mechanical loading.

When is bone regeneration necessary?

To support a dental implant if the existing volume of the surroundings bone is not sufficient to ensure a long-term stability

To preserve the existing teeth that have lost their bone support due to periodontal diseases;

To regenerate a bone defect after a traumatic event;

To correct general bone defects to gain additional height for implant placement;

To promote bone, grow and soft tissue improvements after tooth extraction.

Is it possible to restore the missing bone?

Human bone possesses the ability to regenerate lost bone however some assistance may be required to gain and speed up and adequate volume of the bone. Bone substitute helps this regeneration process.

What are the advantages of a custom bone graft?

Is a custom-made bone graft specifically designed for each patient’s defect.

Ensures a perfect contact between the graft and the recipient site for improved integration.

Ensures a precise creation of the desired shape.

Helps your dentist to easily manage complex reconstructions.

Reduces surgery time.

Reduces patient risks.

Using new and innovative technology following a CBCT scan, your dentist will prescribe a personalised bone graft for your restorative surgery.

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