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10 Benefits of dental implants


Dental implant has been used to replace missing teeth for more than half a century, nowadays is considered the best option for teeth replacement. A dental implant is a device made of alloplastic material that is implanted into the jaw bone beneath the mucosa to hold and support fixed (crowns/bridges) or removable (dentures) prosthetics and mimics the teeth. It is a suitable alternative for people who have one or more missing teeth, has trouble eating because of slippery dentures, or have dental pain and they need to have a dental extraction.

The success rate of dental implants depends of multiple factors such as oral hygiene, systemic conditions (uncontrolled diabetes, bone disease…), smoking, alcohol, bone quality and quantity, and patient’s long term after care. However, according to the latest evidence, dental implants are 95-98% successful and comfortable procedure.

You might experience minor bleeding, swelling, and pain after surgery depending of the number of implants. These side effects are normal and can be treated, but your dentist will guide you before and after surgery with clear instructions of what to expect customised for your individual case.

Dental implant technology has become the state-of-the-art tooth replacement solution because of its advantages over earlier treatments. And, with modern innovations in dentistry, most patients can benefit from them – even those who were formerly told they could not.

Here I am sharing 10 benefits of dental implants:

1) Dental implants look like teeth.

One of the biggest advantages of an implant is that it restores full chewing power, providing a strength and function that is unrivalled by other restorations. Similar to natural teeth, dental implants perform their functions. They can eat with it completely normally, and they can brush and floss normally as well. Without having to worry, you may enjoy your meal.

2) Aesthetics and improves self-esteem.

A missing tooth can cause a decrease in self-esteem and some dental restoration treatments, such as a denture or a dental bridge, do not always completely correct this problem. A dental implant is different. The result is a tooth that looks and feels completely natural and therefore creates a natural looking smile that restores the smile and boost self-esteem.

3) Improves speech

Missing one or more teeth cause slurring or whistling of speech. Removable dentures (“plates”) can be uncomfortable and moves. A dental implant fills the gap of a lost tooth and restores your proper speech pattern.

4) Can prevent tooth loss

The gap from a missing tooth can cause adjacent teeth to crookedly shift towards the gap. This pulls your teeth out of position and can affect your bite, your ability to chew and your appearance. It can cause interference that makes tooth replacement difficult later or even loose adjacent teeth due to this effect. All of this can lead you into a unstable bite and issues with your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) which may result in pain and headaches.

Dental implants do not require adjacent teeth to be modified or damaged so they preserve the health of surrounding teeth.

5) Can prevent bone loss

One of the side effects of losing a tooth is that you also begin to lose bone mass around the missing tooth site. This is because there is no longer stimulation to encourage the ossification/strengthening of the bone. If no implant is placed in the first year of losing a tooth, that bone area loses 25% of its volume, and bone loss continues over the years.

Unlike other replacement options, dental implants can help stimulate new bone grow to rebuild and stay healthy by a process called osseointegration

6) Resume your smile, supporting your facial structures and prevent aging.

Teeth are linked to youth and beauty. Teeth make you look younger by filling out the skin on your face. Your facial skin begins to sag and age as you begin to lose teeth, whether one or many at once. Dental implants fill the gaps left by missing teeth, helping to keep your jaw bones strong, and enhance your entire appearance.

7) Comfortable and Preserve the health of surrounding teeth

A dental implant mimics your natural tooth so apart from giving you a younger look and confidence they are painless and comfortable. Once teeth are implanted you will forget even you have implanted them. Dental implants do not affect the health of the adjacent natural teeth; however, other tooth replacement options can weaken adjacent teeth and make them more susceptible to decay.

8) Versatile, Dental implants can replace any number of teeth

If two or more teeth are missing, it is necessary to close the gaps as soon as possible to prevent the teeth and jaw from shifting. Bridges and partial dentures supported by dental implants offer more stability than conventional dentures.

9) Prevent cavities and gums disease

Missing teeth leave vacant spaces in the mouth that can easily become clogged with food particles, bacteria and make it difficult to properly brush your teeth leading into cavities and gums disease.

10) Long-lasting

A dental implant is more expensive than other tooth-replacement options however benefits of dental implants are much higher than other treatment options available.

Dental implants have up to a 98% success rate and the way they work, forming part of the jawbone, gives them unmatched durability. If you maintain good oral hygiene and go for regular dental checkups after this treatment, there is a good chance that the implant will last a long time. Since they act like teeth, dental implant will also need maintenance like teeth.


There is no better treatment than dental implant for teeth replacement. More than one tooth can be replaced and this improves your oral health , speech and smile as well.

Dental implant also boost your self esteem and make you appear younger and more confident. It gives you the option of removable and fixed prosthesis . You can also choose a combination of both.

If you have lost single or multiple teeth and require dental implants in Hove contact us for a dental exam and let us design the best treatment plan to enhance your oral strength and aesthetics.

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